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They ran as fast as they could, their hearts pounding in their chests, bodies vibrating with energy and their breath heavy as their feet glided across the cement with resounding clicks every time their heels touched the ground. Shouts echoed through the garage, bouncing off the concrete walls accompanied by the rapid footsteps sounding after them.

"GET THEM!" they screamed. Seven men in black suits came tumbling across the floor after the two suspicious beings, also out of breath and quite a distance behind.

"FIRE!" another screamed.

Mello glanced over his shoulder, pushing himself harshly to pick up as much speed as he could. He saw that the men had raised their guns pointed directly at the two of them. "Matt!" he shouted, grabbing the redhead's wrist and yanking him to the side. The boy's eyes flashed in the blonde's direction from behind his ember tinted goggles. "Heads up!" Mello shouted as a chorus of bullets flew their way. The two ducked in an attempt to avoid the shots, diving over another car as coverage and booking it towards their own which could be seen in the corner of the lot. The shattering of windows erupted throughout the room, squeals of bullets hitting metal and the whizzing of the objects past the two of them as they ran, just barely missing shots each time.

Finally, they approached the cherry red Chevelle. Mello slid across the hood of the car feet first, landing moderately gracefully on the passenger side as both he and Matt slipped in through the open windows of the vehicle and landed in their tan leather seats. Matt immediately yanked the car into gear, the keys already dangling in the ignition and slammed his foot on the gas pedal. The car flew backwards and into a half spiral, the tires squealing and smoke coming up from the sand on the floor. Matt then forced the car into drive, instantly taking off at about 80 miles an hour through the crowd of men still firing at them. Mello leaned out of the open window facing the suited men now behind them letting off a string of bullets with loud bangs. He hit two or three men before they pulled out of the garage and into the blinding sunlight on the desert road. The blonde sighed, pulling himself back in the vehicle and seating himself there as he threw his gun onto the dash board and brushed some blonde hair out of his face. The men didn't appear to be chasing them anymore.

"Fuck," Matt mumbled as he drove.  Mello glanced at him, still out of breath and smirked.

"I know, you precious car is probably destroyed," he chuckled. Matt gave a weak smile and rolled his eyes.

"It's not like it hasn't seen worse days," he replied.

Mello laughed a bit in agreement and then sighed, making himself a bit more comfortable in the passenger's seat by propping his leg up on the door and resting his arms behind his head as he let his eyes fall shut with a smile on his face. The car soon grew quiet aside from the rumbling of the car on the paved road. "Well," Mello interrupted it, naturally. "Nice work out there, kid," he smiled and flung his hand out to smack the redhead on the shoulder without looking. Matt let out a sharp grunt in response and Mello's eyebrows furrowed when he felt something warm on his fingers. His eyes snapped open and he sat normally as he turned to the other boy to see a large red stain growing through the white and black striped shirt on his shoulder. "Matt!" he gasped. "You fucker! Why didn't you tell me!" he cried out and flung open the glove box in search for their emergency kit.

"Don't worry about it, it's no big deal," Matt said in response with a shrug before hissing when the pain in his shoulder ached. In his search for a bandage, Mello's ears perked when he heard a familiar sound. He spun around, looking out of the back window to see three cars coming out from the distance, a cascade of bullets falling upon them.

"SHIT!" he hissed, fumbling in the backseat for a bigger gun. "Let me drive," he said as he came back with another load of ammunition and a larger device.

"No," Matt replied simply.

"Oh for god's sake, I won't hurt your precious baby!" Mello snapped.

"It's not about the car!" Matt snapped back. "You're a better shot than me and I'm a faster driver," he said, glancing in the rear-view mirror and speeding up. "I've got this, just shoot!"

Mello loaded his gun, cursing as he knew that his partner was right. Some smaller buildings came into view on the horizon, two story buildings of a small town as it looked, but appeared to be relatively abandoned. Mello leaned out of the window again, avoiding bullets and firing off enormous shots, hitting the other black SUV's in the windshield and tires, causing two of the vehicles to spin off course, leaving only one following behind them. The last one continued to avoid all of the blonde's shots to a point where he had run out of bullets.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" he hissed as he came back in. He began searching the car for any other ammunition. "Are we all out of amo!?" he shouted, digging through the supplies in the back seat. Matt didn't respond. He blinked slowly, his vision blurring as the road seemed to double. He could hear the other male, but even that was beginning to fall off into the distance, sounding as if he were in a tunnel somewhere. "Matt?" Mello called to him, climbing back in the front. "Matt!" he shouted angrily. Suddenly, Matt's eyes fell shut and he slumped in his seat, his hands sliding of the wheel. The car sharply veered off the road as Mello let out a frustrated "SHIT!" as he attempted to get a hold of the wheel.

He fell into Matt's lap in the driver's side of the front seat and stomped on the gas full throttle, throwing the wheel as far as he could to the left causing the two to disappear between the small buildings. Enormous puffs of sand clouding the vision of the driver following close behind them. The driver of the other car turned so sharply that the vehicle flipped, landing upside-down in a pile of dust. Mello, satisfied with the effect of his actions, drove back onto the road at full speed, cursing his partner for being such an idiot.

Their front door slammed open with a horribly loud thud, the sound of dragging feet and stressed muttering followed. Their garage door was slowly shutting in the other room, the keys still in the car with the driver's door still open. Mello yanked Matt through the front door on his back, grunting about how he was supposed to be the fat one eating chocolate all the time. "Motherfucking video games, couldn't he – ugh – at least play games you have to – urgh! MOVE!" he bitched before sliding the unconscious Matt off of his back and laid him on the kitchen table, gently resting his shoulder and his head against the wood. He ran into the other room, the clunking of his boots ringing through the silent house. From the kitchen, you could hear the chorus of falling objects collapsing out of the bathroom cabinet as he dug for the proper tools and his curses at everything he could think of as he tried to move faster. Soon later, the blonde arrived with his full emergency first aid kit which he slammed on the counter beside him and looked down at the helpless Matt lying there. He hissed when he realized how much blood the other had lost. His shirt was almost completely soaked in the sticky red liquid.

"No big deal my ass," Mello hissed. He sighed as he grabbed a hold of the collar of Matt's shirt. In one sharp movement, he tore the piece of fabric in half with a grunt, opening it up to reveal the toned body lying beneath it and the gaping bullet wound in the boy's shoulder. "Aww shit," he whispered. He quickly got to work, talking quietly to the boy about what a moron he was as he pulled the bullet out of the boy's skin, disinfected the wound and got to sewing it up as he tried to save as much blood as possible. "You're okay, Mattie…," he whispered when he was finished dressing the wound and cleaning everything up; he became aware of how dangerous this situation was at that point –something he liked to avoid thinking about when he was working on an injury like that. "You're okay. It's just like you said before," he smiled a bit, brushing some of the bright red hair out of the boy's shut eyes. "We've seen worse days before."

He moved Matt to the couch, carrying him half bridal-style, half dragging him, and wrapped him in a blanket, setting a pillow under his head. He pulled up one of the cushion footstools that they had and sat himself beside the boy's head. Very quickly, the blonde was filled with exhaustion from the day's events and he let out a sigh as he brushed some more of the other boy's hair from his face. Gently, he kissed the boy's forehead which was softly perspiring, but nothing dangerous. He sat himself back down, resting his head on his arms which he tucked on top of Matt's unwounded shoulder and slowly let his eyes fall shut.

"Matt…," Mello whispered, eyes wide as he watched the screen. "Matt… Matt…!" he called, his voice growing louder, but Matt could no longer hear him through the mic – the connection was lost. Still he continued yelling as the boy opened the car door. "Matt! No – Don't!" he started yelling as he watched his red-haired partner climb out of the car, goggles on, cigarette in mouth, and that stupid smirk on his face with his arms raised above his head into a ring of men with guns pointed in his direction. He knew what was coming. The police had no mercy when it came to the Kira case. And despite Matt's attempt to have them take him into questioning, Mello knew what was really going to happen. Mello held his breath, eyes bugging out of his head while he listened to the quick thumping of his heartbeat. How could he be so stupid? How could he let Matt do this for him? How could he be so stupid to put him in danger like this? How could he…?

"Matt…," he whispered.

BANG! One bullet left the barrel of its gun, firing through the air as it was swiftly followed by all of the others. Mello let out a shriek of horror as he watched his childhood friend, his savior, and his lover crumbled, bullet after bullet entering his body. He watched, eyes over flowing with tears as he grabbed the screen with both hands – watched as his Matt, his Matt… slumped to the ground, watched as the cigarette fell from his mouth, as the blood dripped down his sides, as that stupid smirk fell from his face.


Mello woke with a start. He gasped, head jerking up from its previous position only to find Matt's eyes staring into his only a mere inch away from his face. He pulled back in shock, almost falling off of his seat, but caught himself. Eyes wide, he stared at his boyfriend – his living, breathing boyfriend. His eyes swiftly filled with tears. "Matty?" he whispered.

"Mells…," he whispered back, trying to sit up to comfort the other boy, but hissing at the pain in his shoulder as he attempted to do so. He looked worried, frightened even. "I-I tried to wake you up -," he continued while trying to sit up. Mello, lifting one of his shaking hands gently pushed the boy to lay back down and shook his head as a tear rolled down his cheek.

It was just a dream. Matt was still here. He was still with him. It was just a dream.

The redhead lifted a hand to the blonde's cheek, caressing his face and guided him into a soft kiss. Mello sighed with relief as their lips collided, his heart practically exploding in his chest at the contact with his lover again. Matt wiped his tears away with his thumb, letting their foreheads touch when they broke apart. "You're okay," he whispered to the blonde who wrapped his arms very gently around the boy's neck, careful not to touch his wounded shoulder. The blonde smiled in response, another tear rolling down his cheek.

"You're okay," he whispered back, his smile growing. "But you're still an idiot."

Matt chuckled in response and kissed his boyfriend again. "Love you too," he playfully muttered back.
For the contest in #Suicide-Mission in honor of :iconripjawwolffang:'s 21st birthday. Happy Birthday to you :love:

I was happy to enter the contest because I've been wanting a reason to write a Matt and Mello fanfiction since... forever... so yay! :la: I hope you guys like it.
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ShotGunKissandBeyond Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2012  Student General Artist
T'awwwwww why do all the stories for this contest have Matt getting shot?!(laughs cause mine does too)
TokioHotelPanda Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2012
Haha! Oh no! I figured everyone would do Mello getting burnt or Matt dying so I tried to be original... Obviously, I failed :XD:
jinkers Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2012  Student General Artist
i would have fucking hated to have that nightmare O_O But i think i would like what comes afterwards ;)
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